1. Hi Lila, I am interested in starting my daughter on cello. She is currently 7 years old and plays piano. She is learning from Gary Hammond (who suggested I contact you). Please let me know when would be a good time to chat. My home number 5102529126

  2. Joseph Falconer

    Hello Lila, it’s Joe Falconer. I observed two lessons this summer. I would like to send you a letter, if you would e-mail me your address. Best wishes!

  3. Joseph Falconer

    The address is

  4. Dearest Lila,
    I was thrilled to hear from Surin’s mom (my luckiest encounter in a very long time!!!) that you have a website.
    Mason and I think of you often. He has been in Taiwan since last May. When I am not traveling, I split my time between Larchmont and Manhattan. It would be really really wonderful if you would have time in the near future to let me take you out and catch up, either here in Westchester or in the City.
    I miss those Saturdays sitting in your living room listening to your teaching.
    Looking forward to hearing from you!!

  5. Hi Jane,

    I am afraid I do not check my website email so often. I just saw your note, but Mimi mentioned she had run into you recently. I think of you and Mason often too and am very glad to hear how well you both seem to be doing. Of course, I would love to see you sometime. It is probably better to email me directly at

    Best wishes,

  6. Bernie Tamosaitis

    Hi Lila,
    it was great running into you recently at Tarisio. Great web site! best wishes Bernie Tamosaitis

  7. Johan Schalkwyk

    Want to start lessons. Please email me for contact info.

  8. Hi, my daughter is interested in taking cello lessons. Are you taking new students?

  9. Please contact me at914-231-5664 to discuss lessons

    Lila Ainsworth

  10. Lila, Patti Preiss here!! Got a gig (piano trio) for February 28 and need a good cellist (have a wonderful violinist already). 4:00 pm. 5 minutes of music, There is pay, don’t know how much yet. Please call or write! Looking forward to catching up!! Patti

  11. Dear Lila,

    My name is Rachel Evans and I am helping put together an orchestra of students and professionals for Daisy Jopling’s “Awake” concert. It is a mentoring orchestra opportunity for very advanced students playing music of different styles/genres from all over the world. I am wondering if you have or know any very advanced violin, bass, cello, horn or percussion students who might be interested in auditioning for this opportunity.

    This website has applications and addition repertoire:

    Please feel free to pass this on to other teachers as well. We would be very grateful.

    All best,
    Rachel Evans

    “Curving back within myself I create again and again.” Bhagavad Gita

  12. Christine Liao

    Hi Lila!

    My family and I recently(2 weeks ago) moved to Pound Ridge from Los Angeles. I’m looking for a cello teacher for my daughter, Cami Bly. Cami is 11 years old, she plays cello and piano. Cami has been taking cello lessons for 5 years with Kathleen Hougesen in L.A. She currently studies Suzuki Book 9 and Bach Six Suites. She was in LA Youth Orchestra for one year. Please let me know if you take new students. Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.


  13. Wesley H Baldwin

    Hi, Lila. I am down in Atlanta for the ASTA convention, and just me Jill Schultz. Upon learning that I am a cellist, she immediately started singing your praises. I will hope to get to meet you at some point, but thought you would enjoy knowing that Jill is your greatest fan, and that you are being lauded in Atlanta this weekend. Cheers. Wes

  14. Nilofer Kreonidis

    Hi Lila
    I am interested in cello lessons for my 9 year-old son. He has two years of experience and is about to begin orchestra at school. I look forward to hearing from you.

  15. Hello Nilofer—You may call me at 914 23 -5664 to discuss.

  16. Hello, Ms. Ainsworth,
    Dr. Schultz highly recommended you as a cello teacher for our daughter, who is in fourth grade and is in orchestra with Dr. Schultz at Fox Meadow. Are you available to give private lessons? Thank you.

  17. Hi Lila,

    I am a fellow cellist and educator in the area. Would love to connect for many reasons, but wanted to let you know about a new youth orchestra I am starting this fall. Would love to have any of your amazing cello students in the group/ I look forward to hearing from you.

    respectfully yours,


  18. Hi Charles, I will wait to hear a little more about your orchestra….ie age range and level, audition requirements etc. Sounds like an exciting venture.


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  22. My friend recommended you to us. My daughter, 9 and half, has been learning practicing cello since last September. We are considering changing cello teacher. I am not sure whether you have opening this fall?

  23. Curtis Parker

    Good afternoon, Dr. Jill Schultz was effusive in her recommendation of you for lessons for our daughter. Please contact me ( at your leisure, as we would like to discuss this possibility further. Thank you!

  24. Ajish Aravindakshan-Nair

    Hi Lila,
    My name is Ajish Nair, a resident in Ardsley. My son Kesavan is a fifth grade struggling in his school Cello class. Wondering whether he can have Cello class. Thank you
    Ajish Nair

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